welcum 2 kittehz epic blog of epicnessicity! =^.^= dis iz fer fun. jus a place 4 meh 2 talk abt le random shizzle that i be doin :D
age: 24
star sign: aquarius
location: hell :p
plz giv meh energy drinkzzz *dies*


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sunday october 13th 5:55pm.
song: Ice Nine Kills - SAVAGES ☢ mood: wild xD
i got moar ps plus babey!!!! moar berderlendz tiem :D thanks to le epic bee eff
drinkin ice cold wawa 2 combat diz heat -.-;; nd moar rockstar xD(i haz problem)
OH!! i dyed mii hurr blue meow :3c im a lil bloo berreh xDDD
welp!! byeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D *teleports*
saturday october 12th 1:34pm.
song: Beck - E-Pro (CapeLion V2 Remix) ☢ mood: awesomenessicity
sippin on mah rockstar, chillin liek a sic azz villain :D
saw teh joker movie last night, it was suuuuuuuuuuuper awesome :D i was up until 4am doe xD
my ps plus expires today sad tromboneeeee :( hmmm eye dee kay whut else imma do today, maybe chill out and just watch YT vidz on cakes n tiny houses xD
buh bye blawg peepz x3
thursday october 10th 7:50pm.
song: OmenXIII - Faith ☢ mood: awake o.o
feelin super duper epicsauce!!!!! :D im playing destiny 2 rn, gotta get me warlock to 960ishhhh ughghghghghgh EFFORT
2morro im goin 2 da moviez w/ bestie and we're doin a double feature babey!! yah yeet xD
itz da joker movie n teh addamz family xDDD im super duper excited for teh "we live in a society" me me xDDDD fukn fav me me tee bee h
also got a super adult meetin 2morro as well so hopefully it all goes smooth afffffff :D wish me luck palz!!
weeeeeeeeeeeeelp das eet fer meow. toodelz betchez
friday october 4th 8:10pm.
song: marilyn mansion - beautiful people ☢ mood: exhausted
been feelin sick since itz blood moon time :/ im perishinggggggg D:
currently on the phone with my epic bee ef and writing diz, mah neccy hurtz lawl xD
still nawt feelin dat well so i think imma make diz 1 short. sorreh
welp back to teh bed i goes :3c
wednesday october 2nd 12:20pm.
song: brutal machiene - deciet ☢ mood: hungery x_x;;
w00t itz october betchez!!!!! spooky time!!!!! lets get it :D
today my back && ribz rly effing hurt from the accident. so im gonna chill out as much as possible :/
also destiny 2 shadowkeep dlc came out!! :D i cant wait to level up and have more content again andddddddddddddddddd i get to play with le epic bee eff!!! @w@;;;
okie dokie imma go be spooky n drink my black cofeef. buh bai babybatz *shapeshifts into a bat n goes away*